Nad Sylvan – “Spiritus Mundi”

It is difficult enough to write lyrics for a song. Sometimes you have to alter a word here or there to fit the music or the mood you are trying to convey.

But what if you couldn’t alter the lyrics because they were part of a national heritage?

Nad Sylvan has taken up the task of creating songs from the work of Irish poet W.B.Yeats.

(With one song, You’ve Got To Find A Way, included as a bonus track, the lyrics are Nad’s own.)

The poet’s work that I am familiar with relates to human experience and curiosity. These are great subjects to set to music. Symbolism can be discovered in the lines. There is also a bridge between the human world and the mystical. Song lyrics after all are a style of poetry.

The title of Mr. Sylvan’s album, Spiritus Mundi, is also drawn from Yeats, and poet’s concept regarding the collective soul of the universe that contains the memories of all humankind..

Mr. Sylvan is known to many as the voice of Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited project, but Nad has his own solo career, with this release being his sixth.

This work contains touches of acoustic, symphonic, folk, prog and spoken word. The sounds of the natural world can be heard at one point. The music is brought forth in a modern way, with hints of past traditions contained within the threads. Nad’s voice, to my ears, has always harkened back to another time, and it fits in wonderfully with the poetry and the music.

Fans of folk and prog rock should enjoy Spiritus Mundi. Fans of W.B. Yeats should also give a listen to this album, and make a musical discovery in the process.

A daunting task has yielded a wonderful, joyous listening experience.

Watch the video for The Hawk, posted here at the end of the review.


Rating: 9/10


  1. The Second Coming
  2. Sailing to Byzantium
  3. Cap and Bells
  4. The Realists
  5. The Stolen Child
  6. To An Isle In The Water
  7. The Hawk
  8. The Witch and The Mermaid
  9. The Fisherman
    Bonus Tracks
  10. You’ve Got To Find A Way (lyrics by Nad)
  11. To A Child Dancing In The Wind

Available as: Special Edition CD Digipak (with the 2 bonus tracks), 180g Gatefold LP Vinyl Edition (with CD) and as Digital Download

Release date April 9, 2021

Artist website:

Label website:





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