Gryphon – “Get Out of My Father’s Car!”

Gryphon is back again, proving that their reunion for “Re-invention” was not a one off. “Get Out of My Father’s Car!” features original members Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland and Dave Oberlé joined by Andy Findon from the last album plus two new members. The sound of the new album is very much in line with what one would expect from Gryphon. Medieval sounds mixed with prog savvy.

“Get Out of My Father’s Car!” is not going to make me forget about “Red Queen to Gryphon Three.” That album is a masterpiece which overshadows the rest of their great catalogue. Nor does this album have the smarts of “Treason.” It does sound somewhat akin to “Re-invention” which is okay too. The title track is a tad whimsical for my taste and the title itself is rather silly.

It’s songs like “A Bit of Music By Me”that remind me of classic Gryphon. Where’s the bassoon? Thankfully the instrument that makes Gryphon different than most bands is very much a part of the sound,”Suite For ’68” is an example.

“Percy The Defective Perspective Detective” is actually better than its title with flute and harpsichord leading the way. I would prefer the album was instrumental because the flat vocals on the otherwise pleasant “Christina’s Song” are…unfortunate. “The Brief History of a Bassoon” is another reason for the band to forego vocals. It’s silly and fun but a song that I skip. Less vocals, more bassoon.

“Forth Sahara” is another highlight. Great instrumental interplay between flute, violin and bassoon. While “Krum Dancing” sounds like a Jethro Tull knock off and Gryphon are better than that. The singing returns for the weak “A Stranger Kiss.” I’d expect this one on a Renaissance album. That’s cool if you are into that. Just does nothing for me. The last two tracks veer from good instrumental to average vocal track.

Unfortunately, “Get Out of My Father’s Car!” is a disappointment overall. There are some excellent tracks here and there but unfortunately there are some real snoozers and awkward moment that ruin things. Die hard fans will probably enjoy this but “Get Out of My Father’s Car!” is not going to bring in new fans. It sounds very slap dash as a whole and Gryphon’s legacy deserves better.

Rating: 6/10



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