Aleah – “Aleah”


The discovery of PMP introduced me to many artists. When Rob asked me to become a reviewer for the site, my net of musical discovery was cast even wider.

This latest album I have for review is from a vocalist whose life was cut short by cancer. Aleah Stanbridge was the singer for the band Trees of Eternity. She also featured on albums by Swallow The Sun and Amorphis.

This posthumous solo album is a collection of remastered tracks and unreleased songs It was completed and compiled by Aleah’s partner in music and in life, Juha Raivio.

While I recognize the names of two of the acts she has sung with, I never checked out their work and her participation. I rectified that!

I would say that if you have enjoyed her previous work, this album is a must listen for you.

The music may not be as intense. Aleah’s vocals are the focal point here.

A selection of the songs on this release are acoustic tracks that are then complemented by fuller versions.

One of these tracks is a favorite of mine, Vapour. The fuller version has a tension and a dark tone that reminds me of the work of Chelsea Wolfe. It is a song that hints at the dangers of desire after a lover has left you behind.

Another song I enjoyed on this release is Breathe. Again, I prefer the electric version with the atmospheric instrumentation and Aleah’s voice gliding within. It’s a song of love and hope to close out the album.

A beautiful voice is gone from this universe, yet it still brings us joy.

Rating: 9/10

Digital available now
CD and vinyl July 24th, 2020


1. Vapour – Acoustic Version
2. Sacrifice – Acoustic Version
3. Open Sky – Acoustic Version
4. My Will – Acoustic Version
5. Breathe – Acoustic Version
6. Closing Under Pressure – Acoustic Version
7. Water and Wine – Acoustic Version
8. Terrestrial Torrents – Acoustic Version
9. Touch My Face – Acoustic Version
10. My Will
11. Sacrifice (feat. Anilah)
12. Inverted Enlightenment
13. Vapour
14. The Tower
15. Breathe

Label: Svart Records

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