An Update from Rob

I’ve decided to scale back even more on writing reviews with the goal of stopping them. I just don’t have the time and, quite frankly, the interest in writing them. There are so many sites and blogs out there that write reviews and do a much better job than I do. I’m not a journalist and don’t enjoy writing in general. I was an English major in college and had my fill of writing paper after paper. That killed any desire I might have had.

Writing reviews also effected how I listen to music in general. Instead of just listening to something, I am judging what I hear right from the first note. I do love music but this has really twisted things for me. I don’t like that. The mission of PMP was for me to just make suggestions to other people. “Hey, check this out!” And that was supposed to be it. But it became more than that.

So what does this mean? Well of course the Facebook page goes on as it always has. That is my “home.” Even if I do less there, I can handle it okay. The radio show goes on. I do enjoy doing it even if my audience is small. It’s dedicated audience and what more could you want?

But for this website, there will be less. I’m going to take it one release at a time and be more picky than ever. Eventually, I plan on stopping. I’ll just post some things here when it strikes me. It’s strange that indie bands still try to submit albums for review to me when I stopped that quite a while back. Now I will just stop.

There are 3 InsideOut releases coming that I will review after that…I guess we’ll see.


About Rob

I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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3 Responses to An Update from Rob

  1. Stelian says:

    Deae Sir,
    I’m a prog fan. And I am following your posts for some time. There is a weekly schedule for me. I will miss them. But I respect your decision. Thank you very much for all!!!

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  2. loubreed says:

    Well, there are lots of other blogs for sure, but you can’t just pick a reviewer randomly to replace the one you’ve been following for several years already. Still, I’ve felt something like this when the Dillinger Escape Plan broke up: they are my favourite band and I will miss them, but I wouldn’t want them to carry on if their hearts were no longer in it. So, by all means, proceed as you see fit. I’ll keep following your page on Facebook anyway!

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  3. Martin says:

    Thanks for all those reviews you wrote. I always loved reading them. I wish you all the best for the future.


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