Frost* – “Others” EP

othersFrost* are back! And the good news is that this is actually just the beginning. “Others” is an EP of songs left off their last album “Falling Satellites.” The songs weren’t completely finished, but now they are. This EP will be released digitally on June 5, 2020 and will be released as part of the limited “13 Winters” anthology-artbook physically later this year. Also, the band are currently finishing the 4th album right now and it should be released in September!

Mastermind Jem Godfrey has always tweaked the band’s sound just a bit album to album but this EP definitely feels like a part of “Falling Satellites.” It’s very up front and modern sounding. This is definitely not rooted in the classic 70s sound. Granted, Jem has never been too interested in being a nostalgia act. Frost* walk that line between heavier prog rock while stopping just short of being actual prog metal. It’s always interesting. This EP is no exception, though a mixed bag.

The pounding synth laden “Fathers” makes for an awesome start to the album. It is a relentless track with an outstanding hook and Jem’s synths really drive this one. The second track “Clouda” is very…modern sounding. For me, it does veer very close to sounding overly processed. The percussion is electronic which isn’t bad necessarily, but it is a tad harsh. The off-setting acoustic guitar parts are nice though.

“Exhibit A” is the first single from “Others” and has the trademark noisy synths. There’s a group chant vocal in the track that I really don’t like, otherwise I suppose the song is good. “Fathom” is a welcome respite from the clatter of the opening tracks. It’s a Frost* ballad, with strings and an excellent vocal from Jem. My favorite track for sure.

“Eat” is a bit annoying. It’s creative. But the use of voices as instruments drives me nuts. It’s too mainstream pop sounding and lacks any sort of depth. The EP ends with “Drown” which is another mellower song with a lot of atmosphere. It’s a pretty sounding song that reminds me a bit of ELO (who I love). My second favorite track.

“Others” works as a stop-gap which is what it is. I can see why some of these songs didn’t make the last album while others deserved to be heard. 4 out of 6 are decent songs with two clunkers. Decent odds I guess. It’s not a new album but I am curious how much this EP will impact the direction of the next album. We shall see.

Rating: 7/10

1. Fathers
2. Clouda
3. Exhibit A
4. Fathom
5. Eat
6. Drown

Label: Inside Out Music
Release Date: June 5, 2020

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