Zopp – “Zopp”

BEM080 album cover

Music, for many of us, is a stress reliever. It is an enjoyment that uplifts us and resets our mood. It can be an escape to another space, that helps us deal with the real world upon our return.

If you would like some new music to assist you in these times, I have a wonderful suggestion.

Zopp is UK-based composer Ryan Stevenson. In this self-titled debut release he embraces the sounds of the Canterbury music scene.

Mr. Stevenson is assisted here by Andy Tillison (The Targent) and Andrea Moneta (Leviathan).

The style of music may have originated in another era. But the keyboard-driven sound of this project is alive and timeless.

One track that I enjoyed is Before The Light, a song with many textures. It’s like a train that pulses forward, running through different landscapes.

The song Sellanrå features a peaceful piano with bird song! It is a wonderful atmospheric blend of sound.

A very animated tune in the collection is V. It is jazz-like and percussive while the sounds interweave. This track features flute by Theo Travis.

This album is a great listen from end to end. It held my attention with the variety of sounds at play. And it was a great mood elevator as well!

If you enjoy bands such as Camel and Caravan, I would suggest you give Zopp a try.

Rating 9/10

Available Now

1. Swedish Love
2. Before The Light
3. Eternal Return
4. Sanger
5. Sellanrå
6. V
7. Being And Time
8. Zero
9. The Noble Shirker

Performed by
Ryan Stevenson: Keyboards, Mellotron M4000D, Hammond organ, Arturia analogue synthesiser, Korg CX-3 organ, piano, Hohner Pianet T, bass and electric guitars, Nord Electro synth, voice, sound design, noises, field recordings, percussion

Also featuring
Andrea Moneta: Drums, percussion and drum recording engineering
Andy Tillison: Additional piano (6), additional Hammond organ (3), Leslie processing (2, 5, 6), co-production (3, 6, 9)
Theo Travis: Flute (6)
Caroline Joy Clarke: Voice (1, 7, 8)
Mike Benson: Tenor Saxophone (9)

Label Website: music.badelephant.co.uk
Artist Website: www.ryanwstevensonmusic.com
Bandcamp: zopp.bandcamp.com/album/zopp-2
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zoppmusic

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