Psychotic Waltz – “The God-Shaped Void”

Press_Cover_01Fans have been waiting for 23 years for new music from Psychotic Waltz. The band reformed in 2010 after disbanding back in 1996. They’ve maintained a loyal cult following for all of those years but fans wanted more than just a reunion. They wanted a fifth album. “The God-Shaped Void” is that album and while the band might not have the same pressure as Tool, they certainly have some very high expectations to meet.

Psychotic Waltz started back in 1986 and, along with bands like Fates Warning, Watchtower and Queensrÿche, were the creators of the US prog metal scene. But like Watchtower, success eluded them. Yes all 4 albums they released in the 90s were amazing and very well received, but they never quite caught on. Since then, lead vocalist Devon Graves formed the band Deadsoul Tribe which did well but still it didn’t satisfy those wanting a reunion.

The wait is now over with “The God-Shaped Void.” Is it worth the wait? Oh hell yes it is! This is the band firing on ALL cylinders. Graves’ singing is as strong as ever and the music is classic. While there’s no mistaking this sounds like classic Psychotic Waltz, they sound current at the same time. Part of that is because, in my opinion, Psychotic Waltz was ahead of their time. They mix the hooks of Queensrÿche and Fates Warning with the structures that Watchtower would use.

The album opener “Devils and Angels” kicks major ass. I love the intro to the track, it builds and builds and then kicks in. It would make an awesome concert opener. “Stranded” is next and would sound right at home on “Bleeding.” It should be released as a single, great hook and chorus. “All the Bad Men” is the second single from the album and packs crunch and a steady, grinding groove. This one will pound live!

On the more mellow side, there’s “Demystified” which is another favorite. The highlight on this one is the flute solo from Graves. I was hoping he would get to use his skills again and it sounds amazing. “Sisters of the Dawn” is another massive sounding track. Very epic and powerful. Psychotic Waltz are one of those bands that don’t need a 10-15 minute song to sound epic. The album finishes with the moody “In The Silence” which eventually ends with a beautiful acoustic section.

Psychotic Waltz is definitely back and I think they are better than ever. “The God-Shaped Void” is the album that fans have been waiting for and hopefully this will get the attention of prog metal fans that missed out on them for all these years. The world has caught up with what Psychotic Waltz did back in the 1990s and “The God-Shaped Void” is the masterpiece that gives everyone a second chance to appreciate them.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Devils And Angels
2. Stranded
3. Back To Black
4. All The Bad Men
5. The Fallen
6. While The Spiders Spin
7. Pull The String
8. Demystified
9. Sisters Of The Dawn
10. In The Silence

Label: Inside Out Music
Release Date: February 14, 2020

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