Iapetus – “The Body Cosmic”

iapetusI believe metal fans who will encounter the new release The Body Cosmic by two-man team Iapetus will be divided into three camps.  Camp one: folks who love “early” Opeth and progressive extreme metal; camp two: metal fans who don’t care about long compositions and/or concept albums; camp three: people who don’t like black metal at all/black metal purists.

For camp one this music should be an auto-purchase.  Not even a question. Tempo changes, blast beats, thrash grooves, guttural/clean/female vocals, acoustic and post-rock interludes.  Matthew Cerami is responsible for vocals, guitars, bass and arrangements. Jordan Navarro handles keyboards, additional effects and instruments.  Drums are performed by none other than Ne Obliviscaris’ Dan Presland and music was recorded by the one and only Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Last Chance To Reason, etc).  My job to convince camp one that this is amazing stuff is an easy one.

Selling camp three on this music is probably best done by someone else as I don’t know how to convince someone who only likes poorly-recorded black metal from Europe in the early 1990s this music is worth their time, along with those who don’t appreciate the aesthetic of tremolo picking, brutal vocals and/or lofty subject matter.

Camp two may be convinced by a few different arguments.  Have a long drive ahead of you? Have a lengthy hike on the horizon? Listening from start to finish to experience the flow and intention behind The Body Cosmic might seal the deal.  Another benefit to this music is that the band is offering it via their Bandcamp site as a NYP (name your price) download.  The lyrics to this cosmic concept album are also on that site – check them out!

I’m easily a member of camp one.  It is my pleasure to listen to Iapetus (which by the way is the name of one of Saturn’s moons).  This is not easy listening! I can appreciate how people in camp two might feel that listening to these tunes might feel like homework but that is something I enjoy.  For me, deeper understanding leads to deeper enjoyment. I find myself being immersed in the density of the tunes and then I hear “one of those riffs” where I remind myself why I dig this kind of music and I think to myself “that’s the kind of riff I’d like to write.”  And the eighteen minute track “The Star of Collapse” (divided into four acts!) is as epic as anyone could ever want.

Look again at the artwork that accompanies The Body Cosmic.  There is a juxtaposition between outer space and humanity just as there is a cross between brutal and calm.  This might not get dozens of spins by yours truly but I can easily say this is an amazing work of art.

Rating: 9/10


  1. The Body Cosmic        9:58
  2. Dark Matter Genetics        2:00
  3. I Contain Multitudes        14:31
  4. Galaxy Collective        2:09
  5. For Creatures Such As We    12:56
  6. Hadean Heart            4:54
  7. Moonwatcher            2:06
  8. The Star of Collapse        18:00
  9. Angeuls Novus            3:39

Bandcamp: iapetus1.bandcamp.com/album/the-body-cosmic

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