Year of the Cobra – “Ash And Dust”

ATOZ_12in_GATEFOLD_YOTC_ASH_FNLABCIn four years, Year of the Cobra have managed to cement themselves in the stoner/doom realm as an absolute powerhouse duo. Truly, what else could you ever want or need in a great stoner band? Pounding drums, fuzzy, heavy bass, and haunting vocals. Year of the Cobra had my full attention with their first release “…In the Shadows Below”, and have fully recaptured it with their latest full-length release “Ash and Dust”.

A haunting album that drifts from heavy doom riffs to skirting the edges of dark psychedelia with the use of effect pedals. The opening track “The Battle of White Mountain” is a great introduction to this wandering drift, carried into the fog-laden sky from the battlefield in the second track “The Divine”. Slightly more psych-stoner, and lighter in a heavy way (if that sentence makes any sort of sense.)

Each song takes you on a journey through the landscape carved by the music. Covering quite a bit of ground through each track. The title track even takes a dive into a more punk sound, a la The Kills. All while still maintaining that stoner doom sound to it. While the vocals might seem out of place to some, it ties in with the arching story and soundscape for me, personally. Shifting across so many styles in one album is a skill not too many can say they have.

If ever there were a band I would tell people they need in their collection, and to keep an eye on, it would be Year of the Cobra. “Ash and Dust” is a fine example of their skills, and just what they can do together. It is a must have, or at least a must listen, for any fan of doom/stoner rock. “Ash and Dust” is definitely going to be a staple in my headphones and on my play list for quite some time.

Rating: 10/10 (Yep, it hit all the points for me.)

1. The Battle of White Mountain
2. The Divine
3. Ash and Dust
4. Demons
5. Into the Fray
6. At the Edge
7. Dark Swan
8. In Despair

Released on: 1st November, 2019
Label: Prophecy Productions


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