Novembers Doom – “Nephilim Grove”

Novembers Doom Nephilim Grove coverNovembers Doom has been one of those bands on my “Will Listen To” list for quite some time. I mean, they are staple of the death-doom metal scene, after all. When the chance came to review their eleventh studio album, I figured it was time to finally delve deep into the catalogue to familiarize myself with it. Their latest release “Nephilim Grove” was quite an introduction to the band and their sound.

Right off the bat, it is my personal favourite of the whole discography. Drawn in with their familiar heavy guitars and drums, and haunting harmonies on “Petrichor”, reminiscent of the sludge-prog sounds of a few of my personal favourite bands. It is a powerful opening track to an equally powerful album. While it slows down around track three with the title track on the album, it is no less a beautiful song. With a few more of the doom elements laced throughout than the first two. While there are those heavier parts laced throughout, I’m quite a fan of the slower, more haunting parts. Bringing the images of walking through an old, overgrown graveyard.

The vocals on this album are solid, both clean and growling. In neighbouring tracks “What We Become” and “Adagio” are perfect examples of both styles at their peak. Their blend of sounds presented in a lovely package. While the later part of the album contains songs that don’t tickle my ear’s fancy too often, unless in the mood, it does round out the album quite well. Especially with the final track The Obelus. Perhaps my second or third favourite track on the whole album.

All in all, a solid addition to their extensive catalogue of songs. If someone were to ask where to start with Novembers Doom, I would suggest this one to them first, then tell them to have fun exploring. “Nephilim Grove” has it’s peaks, and its downfalls with me, but is still a fantastic piece.

Rating: 8/10

1. Petrichor
2. The Witness Marks
3. Nephilim Grove
4. What We Become
5. Adagio
6. Black Light
7. The Clearing
8. Still Wrath
9. The Obelus

Released on: 1st November, 2019
Label: Prophecy Productions


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