Kadavar – “For The Dead Travel Fast”

kadavar-for-the-dead-travel-fast With Halloween coming up, it’s that time of year that I delve deeper into my love of horror than the rest of the year (more R’lyeh than Mariana Trench level deep). So when I heard Kadavar was coming out with a new album in October, I was excited. Their brand of stoner/psych rock (often called occult rock) has been a staple in my ears since discovering them on, of all things, a special disk of cover songs from the last Powerwolf release “The Sacrament of Sin”. “For The Dead Travel Fast” does not disappoint in the spooky department, or the psychedelic either.

While their previous albums are more stoner oriented, this album comes off as an homage to the 70s psychedelia. Out with the peace, love, and drugs. In with the corpses, ancient gods, and sacrifices on an altar before a bonfire. New for the scene they’re associated with? No, but this album tickles the memory of listening to vinyls at night with my friend. No lights but a few lava lamps, and a bottle of wine being passed between us. It’s heavy, but upbeat at times. With swinging guitar riffs and a thrumming bass line. Love it or hate it, Christoph Lindermann’s high tenor lends well to their sound. Especially now.

“Children of the Night” sounds like a Black Sabbath collided with the Moody Blues during their Core Seven era. “Dancing With the Dead” has almost a Ghost-ish vibe to it, which I’m a fan of their Scooby Doo music so fight me. “Saturnales” sounds like the perfect background music for a Samhain ritual or to walk a graveyard at night with, and the final song “Long Forgotten Song” has a surprise in the middle I am not mad at.

Altogether, it is a nice shift in their sound, and an homage to that psychedelia near and dear to my heart. The timing of the release is perfect, and I highly suggest spinning this through this spooky time of year and beyond.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. The End
2. The Devil’s Master
3. Evil Forces
4. Children Of The Night
5. Dancing With The Dead
6. Poison
7. Demons In My Mind
8. Saturnales
9. Long Forgotten Song

Released on: 11 October 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast

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