Goatess – “Blood and Wine”

024241There’s something so nice about falling down the Bandcamp rabbit hole and coming out with several new bands to listen to. Goatess was one of those discoveries, so when Rob approached me about reviewing their latest album, it was an immediate yes.

Dark, fuzzy, and full of ear-tantalizing goodness, “Blood and Wine” is the latest release by the Swedish doom/stoner outfit. While it might not be a trailblazer in the doom stoner field, it falls perfectly in line with their previous two releases. Walking a well worn trail, but is inviting like a warm embrace of howling vocals, thick guitar sounds, heavy bass, and entrancing drums. Some of the vocal layering reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age, which is a good thing in my opinion. I’ve always enjoyed the echoing calls in the right situations. Interwoven at times is a lovely distortion on the guitar reminiscent of older metal or dark-psych music. Black Sabbath-ish, you could say.

The album itself is fantastic, do not get me wrong. Like I said before, it’s like a warm embrace. Something that you can listen to that’s familiar but new at the same time. Forget the world for a good hour or so. Lose yourself in a haze of fuzz, sacrifices, old gods, and heavy riffs. If you’re looking for some trailblazing release that branches off into unfamiliar territory, then just sit back and chill for a moment. Enjoy what “Blood and Wine” has to offer regardless.

Rating: 9/10

1. Goddess
2. Dead City
3. What Lies Beneath
4. Black Iron Mark
5. Dark Days
6. Dunerider
7. Jupiter Rising
8. Stampede
9. Blood and Wine

Released on: 27th September, 2019
Label: Svart Records

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