ProgPower USA 2019 – Day Three


Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 – Day 3:

(All photos taken by me.)

For setlist info, see here (Thanks to whoever did this!):

Paladin (USA)

Grabbed lunch and hit the vendor room to check things out first. Grabbed some goodies and then made my way to catch the last part of Paladin’s set. They were a recent addition to the roster after Wind Rose had to cancel. And being local to Atlanta it was a safe addition and as such, I have seen them multiple times before. They put on a good show. Kind of power thrash metal and a great way to start day 3.



Subsignal (Germany)
This is one of the bands I had been looking forward to all year. And they played through a nice sampling of their catalog. I love all their albums, but for some reason, the new one clicked more right off the bat with me, so I was kind of hoping for a few more from it. But I am completely happy with what was delivered. They had a great energy live and the harmonies were fantastic! I would see them again in a heartbeat if given a chance… Technically, I DID see them again, but it was at the Silver Skillet on Saturday around lunch, so it doesn’t really count.  😜



Barren Earth (Finland)
I wasn’t all that familiar with Barren Earth going into this festival. I heard their last album and really liked it. On a recent long drive, I was playing catch up and sampled some of their older stuff. They have a great balance of the growls and the clean vocals and handled that balance well in the set too. Without digging, couldn’t tell you if this set was a balance too, or not. But it was an enjoyable time.

PS: I was a little surprised to see the singer had on an ELO t-shirt. Man has good taste.


Psychotic Waltz (USA)
Had to go back to our room after the Barren Earth set so got back in the middle of this one and caught the last half. I recall the music not grabbing me much on the albums, but they were definitely interesting live. More of an avant-garde metal band. And the flute sounded great.  I think I may need to give them another chance.


Orden Ogan (Germany)
I made sure i would be present for this set. I love bands with huge choruses and Orden Ogan bring it strong! This was one of the more elaborate stage designs with the faux wood walls to look like an old west setup. See pictures below to see what I mean.

They brought the metal and the crowd head banged and fist pumped all the way thorough.

There was one rather humorous moment during the set where the sound was lost to the audience, but I can only guess the band still heard it through their feeds as all we heard were the drums for a few seconds but the whole band was still raging on the instruments. So, once the audio came back, they didn’t miss a beat. It was a little surreal for a moment but the band handled it perfectly.  I would definitely go see them again!


Seventh Wonder (Sweden)
I like their material, but on album they really hadn’t grabbed me yet. Their albums are really good, don’t get me wrong… they just haven’t gelled with me so far. Live however, they really had a lot of energy and showed the crowd why they were the Headliner. Lot of great sing along moments and Tommy really knew how to work the crowd. Everyone was at the top of their game, it seemed. And no one wanted it to end. I will say, their set seemed a bit shorter than I was expecting. It didn’t seem quite an hour had passed and they were going off stage for the usual encore stuff. For a headliner, I thought there would have been more songs. Oh well… more sleep for me, I guess!



(Review for Day 4 will be coming… I don’t know… soonish)

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