ProgPower USA 2019 – Day Two


MaYaN pictured above.

Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019 – Day 2:

(All photos taken by me.)

For setlist info, see here (Thanks to whoever did this!):

Tomorrow’s Eve (Germany/USA) 4-5pm

Butt dragging already. Oh boy. Got to the venue a little late and Tomorrow’s Eve was already on. But I caught most of their set. And I must say, I don’t think I did enough prep on them prior because I liked what I had heard before, but on stage, they sounded fantastic! I need to give a more concentrated listen to their material. They were heavy. They were progressive. And they were melodic as hell. And I strongly believe their front man was in breaking bad. ;-P


MaYaN (Netherlands) 5:30-6:30pm

Now… I have all their albums and have listened to them many times. But nothing could prepare me for this show. The most people on stage I have seen at the fest so far. Glad they had room! Everyone was in top form and were clearly having fun. Both Marcela and Laura were stunning, in all respects. Absolute voices of angels.

Mark, Adam, and George killed it on the growls. Though, George kind of stole the show. His energy and antics kept stealing my attention. And that is saying a lot.

The rest of the gang were stellar as well! And very nice people! All of them!

And a great song selection for the short, 1 hour set. But they made damn good use of their time! I would see them again in a heartbeat!

This set was indeed a religious experience.


Galneryus (Japan) 7p-830pm

I had to join this set already in progress. Typically this strain of power metal isn’t normally my thing (mostly blazing fast guitar and drums). But I will tell you, they are a force of nature on stage and put on a hell of a set! And the language barrier wasn’t an issue at all! And this was their first time in the US to boot!

Now, not being familiar with all their music, I’m not sure what all they played, but I’m assuming it was a “best of” selection.

Now, while all the band members were on fire and masters of their craft. I want to call attention to Syu. That was some of the most incredible guitar playing I have seen. My jaw was on the floor. A friend of mine was down at the stage, right in front of Syu. We had to do a face check later to see if their were any residual burns from the face melting. He was thankfully ok.


It was funny, later in the Everygrey set, Tom joker with his guitarist asking if he was getting paid by the note. I will tel you, if they were… Syu would be a billionaire.

Announcement for next year’s Day’s One and Two

So, between these sets is normally where we would get a video for the roster for next year. Instead, Nathan and Milton addresses the crowd about changes for next year. Thankfully, it will still be a 4 day fest. The big change is that day 1 will be in The Loft (capacity 650. For comparison, Center Stage hold about 1050. Not a huge difference). These are changes that had to be made as the first two days didn’t sell out.

Day 1 also got a band announcement in Power Quest. They will be performing their album, Magic Never Dies, in its entirety. A Prog Power USA exclusive.

Day 2 sounds like it will be unchanged and remain in Center Stage. But no bands have been announced yet.

Evergrey (Sweden) 9:15pm-close

Wow. Just… wow. My first time ever seeing them. So powerful and emotional. And the songs selected were like they were picked just for me. So, I guess there IS a band where I like all the hits. 😂

I had two songs at the beginning to be up front for, and so glad I got Weightless. And being right there and hearing the audience singing along with the chorus just gave me chills. I was in heaven again for a while.

And throwing a Touch of Blessing in the Encore was icing on the cake!

There was another funny little joke where Tom mentioned how many times they had been there and joked about wanting more money. Milton, one of the festival organizers (and all around great guy) handed Tom a card from the audience. Tom read it out to the crowd as he chuckled. I paraphrase: This card entitles the holder to 1 free show with 9 shows purchased”. Lmao!


So there was day 2 in the can. What an amazing day. I thoroughly enjoyed day 1. Day 2 kicked it to the next level for me. Come on day 3!

(Review for Days 3 and 4 will be coming next week)


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