Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband – “Tor & Vale”


Simplicity in instrumentation does not equate to simplicity in sound.

Tor & Vale is an album by Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband. It features Mr. Wingfield on guitar and Mr. Husband on piano. This duo can make an immense sound.

The album includes 3 tracks that were captured as improvisations. A listen to these tracks should let one know that these two musicians work well together.

The title track is a 16 minute plus improvised piece, and it is my favorite. This selection features guitar tones that transform into other sounds, with interjections from the piano. Here the ease of interplay between the two musicians is on display.

This release showcases the skills of the players. The music flows forth, and it is a joy to listen to. Certainly it was a joy for the musicians to perform!

If you are a fan of guitar music, piano music, jazz or progressive rock (these genres are related in my book), give Tor & Vale a listen.

Rating: 9/10

Mark Wingfield – guitar and soundscapes
Gary Husband – piano

1. Kittiwake
2. The Golden Thread
3. Night Song
4. Tor & Vale
5. Shape Of Light
6. Tryfan
7. Silver Sky
8. Vaquita

All compositions by Mark Wingfield except 04, 05, 07
which were improvised by Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband

Available July 31, 2019


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1 Response to Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband – “Tor & Vale”

  1. RacerX says:

    I had Wingfield’s last album and was unaware he had so many albums released so took the plunge and bought his discography.


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