Eveline’s Dust – k.

K-CD-FRONTsmallThis is my first exposure to Eveline’s Dust so I had no idea what I was heading into when I gave it a spin. What i immediately noticed is that this is an album drenched in Porcupine Treeness, with a nice helping of Spock’s Beard in places. This, to me, is a good thing. After i finished this one, I went back and listened to their first album, The Painkeeper (2016), and found it to be a bit more laid back (Well… they had an EP, called Time Changes (2012) before that). This one has a harder edge to it, so naturally I dig it a lot more.

The band is: Nicola Pedreschi on keyboards & vocals, Lorenzo Gherarducci on guitar & backing vocals, Marco Carloni on bass and Angelo Carmignani on drums. In addition to the guests listed below on the song Faintly Falling, they also have Federico Avella supplying soprano sax & transverse flute.

Starting things off is A New Beginning, with a little quirky guitar riff and keys before throwing in some chunky guitar and then tearing into some Spock’s style instrumentalism while the next track, Fearce Fear Family, goes into a Rush kind of vibe, kinda feeling Camera Eye here a little in places.

Hope starts down Porcupine Tree lane for a while and then heads off on jazzy road, evoking some thoughts of early YES along the way. The second longest track on the album, you definitely go through various moods here.

K, the title track as well as the shortest song on the album, sounds like a mash up of Porcupine Tree and Alice In Chains. It is weird and it works. This is followed up with the slow burner, Lost in a Lullaby. It turns in a nifty little riff and beat toward the end before unleashing the rock.

Then things slow down again with Faintly Falling. A piano driven ballad with strings, a female lead (Lorenza Catricalà), who has an amazing voice, btw. One that makes me think a bit of Nanet. As I said, the PT/SW feeling is very strong on this album. The cello on this track is provided by Nicolò Zappavigna and it sounds excellent as well.

Rain over Gentle Travellers is the longest track on the album and closes things out. Beginning with a slow, Sinatra/Buble sound accompanied with just a piano and then goes into a more eclectic vibe, with, yet again, a strong PT feel. This track is growing on me, though it hasn’t quite clicked with me yet. Still a good song, though.

So… if you like the other bands mentioned here, you will most likely dig this one as well. But don’t get me wrong… they are their own band with their own style. But you can hear their influences nicely.

Rating: 9/10
1 A New Beginning                       6:02
2 Fierce Fear Family                    4:32
3 Hope                                             9:03
4 K                                                    3:38
5 Lost In a Lullaby                        5:38
6 Faintly Falling                            4:41

7 Rain Over Gentle Travellers    9:37

Label: Giant Electric Pea Ltd
Release Date: 8 April 2019
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