SERMON – “Birth of the Marvellous”

987585I honestly didn’t know what to expect when SERMON’s “Birth of the Marvellous” was offered to me. A little sneak peak while on break at work sealed the deal, and I was absolutely sold on it.

The album itself is riddled with religious undertones, in the best sort of way. From the lyrics to the ethereal organs and vocals in the background. Made keenly aware in the opening track “The Descend”. Atmospheric doom metal at its finest, and is honestly refreshing to hear in the genre. Reminiscent of Katatonia, in a way, but very much holding their own on their freshman album. Every instrument holds its own while simultaneously weaving together to create the power that drives the music. The vocals are clean and crisp. The composition on “The Drift” alone could convince anyone, I believe. From driving drums and bass line, to the ethereal tone of the lyrics.

The shift from “The Drift” to the following track “Contrition” took me as a surprise. Much harder and energetic after a seven minute sonic journey. How easily they go from a drifting sound to a more powerful one is a good shift. Including the addition of some raspy growls towards the end in “The Rise of Desiderata”. It keeps one hooked. The whole album is a trip worth taking. One I implore you to take for yourself. Watch these guys closely, because I get the feeling that with this powerful of a start, they will be going to great places.

Rating: 9/10

Track list:
1) “The Descend”
2) “Festival”
3) “The Drift”
4) “Contrition”
5) “Chasm”
6) “The Preacher”
7) “The Rise of Desiderata”

Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 22 March 2019


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