Breidablik – “Nhoohr”


Breidablik is the project of Norwegian musican Morten Birkeland Nielsen. While his music chiefly utilizes analog synthesizers, there are other instruments that appear in the mix, along with natural sounds, such as bird calls and rain.

Nhoohr is an instrumental album, and upon my first listen, I was reminded of Tangerine Dream. Further listens introduced to me an atmospheric soundscape that made me imagine the music as a guide to a journey in an new land.

Some of the listening highlights for me:

Lead track Arrival opens with an ominous drone that leads up to an expansive sound. The sounds of the natural world are here, of the wind and the caw of a raven or crow.

At The Windswept Planes [sic] Of Nhoohr sets a rhythm that moves the journey forward, along with what I feel is an introduction to this land. The sound of a cosmic brook flowing can found here.

A guitar sound reminiscent of Mike Oldfield appears on the track Clouddancing. There are chimes sounding as well.

The Old Forest does indeed bring the listener to a forest, with the sound of birds and frogs, along with rainfall. A guitar is featured on this track.

And, wait, was there a detour to space with the track Strange Lands?. It’s a cosmic sounding track.

Nhoohr is an ambient album, yes, but isn’t background music. I found it to be an immersive listen.

If you are a fan of progressive electronic music, I highly suggest you give this album a listen.

Rating: 9/10

Available now


1. Arrival
2. At The Windswept Planes [sic] Of Nhoohr
3. Clouddancing
4. The Old Forest
5. Strange Lands
6. Perihelion
7. Shadows (Bandcamp bonus track)


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