Psycroptic – “As the Kingdom Drowns”

755644Tasmania’s Psycroptic is BACK with “As The Kingdom Drowns” and wow, it’s a killer album. Sure it’s only 35 minutes but it’s a relentless, blistering album nonetheless! I enjoy Psycroptic in doses. Like any tech death metal band, they can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The main difference with “As The Kingdom Drowns” is that the band have more dynamics in their music. And that’s why I think this may very well be their best album to date. To be sure, this does NOT mean they are mellowing out at all. Rather this slightly more prominent dimension makes the heavier parts seem even MORE heavy.

The album kicks off with “We Were the Keepers,” a track that is traditional, in your face Psycroptic. From there the next two tracks weave in some groove metal moments into the over the top insanity. “Frozen Gaze” blends those two elements perfectly while “Directive” has a complex yet slower main riff that is just plain awesome. “Deadlands” veers into speed metal territory while the title track has a super cool slower vibe to it while showcasing how amazing the band can play. Granted they step on the gas pedal when you least expect it too. GREAT track!

“Upon These Stones” is by far my favorite track because it shows off the dynamics that I mentioned. This is the track that could point the band into a new, fresh direction. I’d love it if this track was twice as long too! I think epics are something that could be a game changer for Psycroptic. The album ends with a short blast of energy with “You Belong Here, Below.” And while I like the track, I wish there was a big “statement” track at the end.

There’s a lot to unpack in 35 minutes here. “As the Kingdom Drowns” shows that Psycroptic are still as dangerous as they have ever been and yet still willing to push themselves. There’s no doubt fans of the band will find a lot to love on this album. If you are someone who loves tech death metal, you need Psycroptic in your life!

Rating: 8/10


1. We Were The Keepers
2. Frozen Gaze
3. Directive
4. Deadlands
5. As The Kingdom Drowns
6. Beyond The Black
7. Upon These Stones
8. Momentum of the Void
9. You Belong Here, Below

Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 9 November 2018

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