R-1208943-1200853766.jpegLet me begin by saying that this album, in my opinion, is a lost gem. The fourth and last studio album, originally released by CBS Denmark in 1976, is the result of an already talented band coming to their creative peak. All four original albums have been remastered with added bonus tracks on the label Laser’s Edge.

Opening this album is “Lindance” the intro and the title track “Straight To The Krankenhaus” which brings to mind many different influences ranging from old Wooden Nickel era Styx to a foray into the world of King Crimson’s Mel Collins. Many prog bands can be easily over-technical and lifeless but Secret Oyster, while still retaining a level of virtuosity, leave plenty of room for space and emotion. Many of the songs differ radically from each other so you may hear some funky grooves, some emotive guitar solos and later some smokey jazz. This is prog rock with feeling.

Stand out songs include the title track, My Second Hand Rose, High Luminant Silver Patters and Stalled Angel. Fans of bass guitar will love this album!

Musicians… Claus Bøhling / guitar – Kenneth Knudsen / keyboards – Karsten Vogel / saxophone – Jess Staehr / bass – Ole Streenberg / drums


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