Antimatter – “Black Market Enlightenment”

Black Market EnlightenmentTime to start with another one of my disclaimers. I love Antimatter so a new album by Mick Moss would have to be dreadful for me not to like it. That said, I do tend to have higher expectations for bands that I love. Fortunately, not only is “Black Market Enlightenment” a good album, it’s the best Antimatter album to date. Yes I said it.

First off, Mick is a great songwriter. So the songs are bound to be good and these are just an amazing batch of songs. Strong melodies and powerful lyrics through out. What makes THIS album special to me is the music. There’s plenty of tension and dynamics but also these songs are heavier. There’s no doubt songs like “The Third Arm” and “Wish I Was Here” would translate when done acoustically but DAMN, they have an added punch in the face when they kick in. I love that.

Even the synths are heavy. Jumping ahead to the moody closing track “Liquid Light,” it’s synth heavy…with heavy synths. It works perfectly and makes a great closer. Backing up one track, “Between the Atoms” is one of my favorite songs not only on the album but by Antimatter in general. The evil section toward the end of it just makes the song for me. Additionally, there are some AMAZING performances by the backing band on “Black Market Enlightenment,” especially the sax work by Paul Thomas and the drumming of Fab Regmann.

And yes the songs are still catchy. As soon as I think of “This is Not Utopia,” I am singing the chorus in my head. It doesn’t hurt that I can relate to the song lyrically. Mick is one of those writers who has never been afraid to bare his soul and many of us have been through the same things. Life is NOT easy for most of us. So it makes the music so much more personal when you can relate to it on another level.

“Black Market Enlightenment” is easily a candidate for my album of the year. Certainly it’s one of the finest releases of 2018. Musically adventurous, sonicly appealing and intensely rewarding, “Black Market Enlightenment” is the definitive Antimatter album. So stop what you are doing and go buy it now!!

Rating: 10/10

1. The Third Arm
2. Wish I Was Here
3. This Is Not Utopia
4. Partners In Crime
5. Sanctification
6. Existential
7. What Do You Want Me To Do?
08. Between The Atoms
9. Liquid Light

Label: Self-released
Release Date: November 9, 2018

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3 Responses to Antimatter – “Black Market Enlightenment”

  1. Maciek Medyj says:

    Yes, this is AMAZING

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  2. I would agree. Best Antimatter album yet.

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