Sutej Singh – “The Emerging”

Sutej, hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh (INDIA), is very new to me and I can only say… what an introduction! The whole thing is a very cinematic experience, layered in melody with a lot of emotion. 
Some fantastic players joining Sutej on this release, that you may recognize, is Kylan Amos from Arena on bass, Scott Higham (who had been with Pendragon for a time) on drums for all but the title-track, which features Raymond Hearne of Haken.
We start things off with an Overture and then jump straight into The Comeback Trail, which greets you with, what I can best describe as, a cross between Dream Theater’s Eve, in style, with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra instrumental flavor. Just listen and tell me if I am wrong. This sets the mood for what is to come.
Then there are ambient like cinematic pieces, rocking cinematic pieces, and then some flat out rocking moments, and then some mixed together, like the aforementioned title-track and Oceans Apart. That last one being one of my favorites here. Very melancholy and very beautiful.
Recommended if you like prog, rock, and orchestral/cinematic music.
I can’t think of anything to give this BUT 10/10.
1. Overture 01:40
2. The Comeback Trail 06:42
3. Timeless 09:07
4. Come Into Existence 05:50
5. The Emerging 11:29
6. Oceans Apart 07:39
7. Walk My Path 05:34
8. Revelations 06:11
Label: Pinecone Records, India
Release Date: Already out!
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