Shineback – “Dial”

dialShineback is the solo project by the multi-talented Simon Godfrey. The first album by Shineback “Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed” was the very first album released by Bad Elephant Music. Yes I bought it after only hearing one track. While I am not one for programmed drums and other beeps and clangs, the songs on the album made all of that quite tolerable. Yes really.

Since then BEM has grown into a formidable prog rock label and Godfrey has formed the band Valdez (I reviewed that) and he released a charity EP by Shineback as well. The EP was perhaps a bit too electronic for me, though once again Godfrey can write a strong melody. So now comes the proper second full length Shineback album, “Dial.” All the guests from the first album are back once again in addition to lyricist Robert Ramsay.

I have to say that “Dial” is even better than the first album! For one, I find the overall sound of “Dial” to be more organic which tends to work for me. This is not to say that there’s no electronics because there are but I find them to be more muted. Regardless, the key to this album (as with anything Godfrey does) is the songwriting. He is a great writer. I suppose it just runs in the family! Yes he and Jem Godfrey are brothers.

“Dial” is a full album with extended pieces like the title track (a favorite of mine) and the 13 plus minute “Kill Devil Hills” that close out the album. The true test of any song or album that push those length is does it FEEL that long. There’s a joke in there. But the answer is I never find myself thinking that it’s any longer than the average album. That’s a testament to how good the music is. Also the album has a great one-two punch opening it with the brilliant “Lies and Consequences” and the touching “I Love You From Memory.”

“Dial” is an album that should appeal to those who love well written modern prog. Yes if you like Frost*, you should give Shineback a chance. After all, they  share the same DNA. And once you’ve embraced Shineback, go and check out Valdez as well (also on Bad Elephant Music). This is how the poppier side of prog SHOULD sound.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Lies And Consequences
  2. I Love You From Memory
  3. Consider Her Ways
  4. Dial
  5. Here I Am
  6. The Gentleman
  7. Me vs. Me
  8. Without Words
  9. Let Her Sleep
  10. My New Reward
  11. Kill Devil Hills

Label: Bad Elephant Music

Shineback is Simon Godfrey
with Robert Ramsay – words, spoken word (5)

Ray Weston – vocals (9)
Henry Rogers – drums (1)
Dec Burke – guitars (3)
Matt Stevens – guitar (11)
Hywel Bennett – guitar (4)
Tom Slatter – guitar (5)
Karl Eisenhart – guitar (11)
Tom Hyatt – bass (2)
Joe Cardillo – keyboards (2)
Daniel Zambas – keyboards (11)

Producer/engineer – Simon Godfrey
Co-producer – Daniel Zambas
Executive producer – David Elliott
Audio mastering – Daniel Bowles
Artwork – Brian Mitchell
Recorded at Duckland Sound, Philadelphia, USA.

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I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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  1. This is one I will have to listen to as I love Frost*! I am not as bothered about programmed drums as long as it’s not too obvious. If they are a well done as you say Rob then this has to be worth a listen.

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