Kingcrow – “The Persistence”

coversmallI’ve been a fan of Kingcrow since the year after Eidos came out, the year I discovered this great band. That album floored me at the time and I still spin it often to this day. I started going back and picking up their back catalog as I could as well.

And then last year, they were announced to be one of the bands performing at ProgPowerUSA 2018 and I got excited. Wasn’t sure I would ever get to see them live and that was going to change! Then, within the last few months, I found out they had to cancel and was supremely disappointed. Even though the replacement band is fantastic too, I am back to wondering if I will ever get to see them live. Maybe one day…

So all that to say, when I heard a new Kingcrow was on the way, I was excited once again! Fast forward a bit and THEN I found out I had the opportunity to review it, so naturally, I jumped on it.

That’s a lot of jabbering without talking about the album, so how does it fair? Very well! No new ground is broken here and it could have honestly been called Eidos 2. Which makes the name of the album all the more meaningful. They are being persistent. And there is nothing wrong with that, really. I mean, it didn’t blow me away like Eidos did at the time, coming in fresh to them like I did. But I imagine if THIS was my first listen, I WOULD have been blown away the same.


And it IS a really good album, though. Present are the fantastic harmonies and melodies, the rocking prog moments, and the dark brooding atmosphere.

Highlights on this one for me include:

  • Drenched with its catchy 80’s style chorus that could have been a hit back then.
  • Devils Got A Picture with that soaring chorus.
  • Father has me trying to sing along with it even when I am not feeling like singing at all. Every song is catchy, though.
  • Perfectly Imperfect with all its emotion and passion.

So, in short, if you loved Eidos, you’ll love this one. And chances are, if you did, you have already pre-ordered this. So… enjoy!

Note: I will say it is kind of irking me that they are only including the ProgPower tracks on the Vinyl. Maybe they’ll be available for download to purchase at some point…

Rating: 8.5/10


1. Drenched
2. Closer
3. Everything Goes
4. Folding Paper Dreams
5. The Persistence
6. Every Broken Piece Of Me
7. Devil’s Got A Picture
8. Night’s Descending
9. Father
10. Perfectly Imperfect

Label: Sensory Records
Release Date: September 7th, 2018

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