The Vintage Caravan – “Gateways”

1000x1000If there are two genres that have consistently held my attention (and my heart) throughout the years, it is stoner and psychedelic rock. So when The Vintage Caravan’s fourth studio album was offered to me, well… Color me very excited. Hailing from Alftanes, Iceland, this trio of rockers hold true to the ways of the genre, while also having influences of old school metal and the progressive sound.

While some songs are your simple, albeit well written, stoner rock songs one could chill to in a room of lava lamps. Others are musical journeys, see the second longest track on the album “On The Run” or the track “Nebula”. The album rounds out well with the final track “Tune Out”. Chilled in the beginning, but rising into a crescendo at the end.

At certain times, the album reminds me of the garage rock and blues rock bands I was enamored with in high school. Others, the psychedelic rock I grew up on. “Gateways” is something one could easily slip into the CD player of one’s car and go driving for a while. With the volume up, of course. This album will have a place in my car for driving around, for sure. It is an excellent addition to their growing list of albums. Recommended to you, as well, simply for the sonic journey the album can take you on.

Rating: 9.5/10


1. Set Your Sights (4:39)
2. The Way (3:35)
3. Reflections (4:14)
4. On The Run (6:00)
5. All This Time (4:17)
6. Hidden Streams (3:52)
7. Reset (4:11)
8. Nebula (5:04)
9. Farewell (5:23)
10. Tune Out (6:39)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: August 31, 2018

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