Ethernity – “The Human Race Extinction”

Ethernity-coversmall.pngHailing from Belgium, Ethernity are a progressive metal band made up of vocalist Julie Colin, Julien Spreutels on keyboards, Nicolas Spreutels on drums, Francois Spreutels on bass, and guitars provided by Francesco Mattei (lead) and Thomas Henry. For more of their backstory, visit their website here.  But basically, this is their third full release and my first exposure to them. As for their sound, imagine, if you will, a mix of Scar Symmetry (but no growls) with TesseracT (throw in some Delain and Epica too), but with Pat Benatar on vocals. Ok, not quite, but damn close!

Keyboards are a highlight in particular. Great melody lines. This goes for the whole album. Julie provides fantastic vocals as well but I will say that I need a lyric sheet with this as I do have a hard time following what is being sung at times. So can’t speak to anything specific in the songs lyrically speaking. (Note to labels and bands submitting promos: please provide lyrics too if at all possible).

Starting us off is The Human Race Extinction which sets us up for the overall feel of the album. Big chorus, grind guitars (ala Scar Symmetry), great keyboards, and a raging solo. Very melodic all around. One of the highlights of the album to me here.

Mechanical Life has a more laid back vocal section that goes into a strong, though still reserved, chorus with those great grind guitars. This segues into Grey Skies with a great instrumental lead in before letting loose with the chugging riffs. And another big chorus.

There is a lot in offer here (the album clocking in at 70 minutes!) and I won’t describe each song in detail but just know there are a lot of great riffs, lots of melody, and big choruses.


Besides the first full track, other highlights include:

Artificial souls with an extremely catchy chorus. Love this track. Starts of feeling like a Scar Symmetry track and then mainly keyboards and vocals for part of the chorus.

Mark of the Enemy is a great instrumental cinematic metal interlude.

Not the End gives us some swirling keyboards with some nice riffs. Then slows down for the verse.

The album is a great mix of slower/mid tempo songs and faster rockers, and I like variety… so, yeah… I dig this one! And given the similarity to Scar Symmetry (musically) in places, I give it an extra point, as well. Especially as it seems Scar Symmetry have gone a bit MIA lately (where is phase 2???) so my longing for new material on that front feeds my enjoyment of this album. Not saying I wouldn’t like this album otherwise, but it helps engage me more right out of the gate. And I will definitely be digging into the bands back catalog.

I recommend this one if the initial description up above has bands listed that you like. Give it a shot and check out the video below and hear for yourself.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Initialization
  2. The Human Race Extinction
  3. Mechanical Life
  4. Grey Skies
  5. Beyond Dread
  6. Artificial Souls
  7. Redefined
  8. Rise Of Droids
  9. Mark Of The Enemy
  10. The Prototype
  11. Not The End
  12. Warmth Of Hope
  13. Chaos Architect
  14. Indestructible

Release Date:   14 September 2018
Label:                AFM Records

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