Omnium Gatherum – “The Burning Cold”

brs-omnium-gatherum-the-burning-cold_800xIt’s not often I find myself drawn deeply into a death metal album. In fact, it’s a style I can take or leave sometimes. Too loud. Unable to understand anything over the guttural vocals. Not enough variety in the songs on an album… It was a different case when I was offered the chance to listen to Omnium Gatherum’s latest album “The Burning Cold”. While I had only heard the name in passing, it has gotten me to look into their back catalog. For a first introduction to the Finnish progressive death metal artists, it couldn’t have been a better one.

Upon first listening, it was the instrumentation that took my breath away. Sweeping movements tied with the primal sound that comes with this style of metal. While the vocal stylings of Jukka Pelkonen are something I need to be in the mood for, I give him credit for being a growler that I can listen to without wanting to turn off after a song or two. The opening track “The Burning” a melodic movement carried on by guitarist Markus Vanhala (of Insomnium fame I came to find out), though it is the shortest track on the album. It gives way to a visceral, but pleasing, attack to the senses with “Gods Go First”. The album itself sways between beautiful melodic pieces, and grinding segments. Such as in “The Fearless Entity”. Pounding drums and guitars, and singing synthesizers, like in “Rest In Your Heart”. Progressive, in that sense, but death metal through and through.

Where does this place Omnium Gatherum’s “The Burning Cold” in my book? Somewhere near the top of the select death metal bands I listen to. Production wise and in concept, it is a good album. Especially for it being their eighth. Not many bands can say they still make good albums after that many. I’m thoroughly impressed with the upcoming album, which warrants looking back into their catalog a bit more deeply. An all time favorite? Not really, but to each their own. I’m sure fans of Omnium Gatherum will be impressed with this addition to their discography. A good album to introduce newcomers to their music.

Rating: 8.5/10


1. The Burning (2:06)
2. Gods Go First (4:31)
3. Refining Fire (5:14)
4. Rest In Your Heart (4:52)
5. Over The Battlefield (4:21)
6. The Fearless Entity (4:43)
7. Be The Sky (4:44)
8. Driven By Conflict (3:57)
9. The Frontline (5:17)
10. Planet Scale (5:43)
11. Cold (5:49)

Release Date: August 31, 2018

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