Soen – “Lykaia Revisited”

lykaiaWe’ve already reviewed “Lykaia” by Soen so this isn’t about the music. In fact,  I like this album even more musically than when it came out! This is to take a look at “Lykaia Revisited” which is a remastered version of the album with some live bonus tracks and new cover artwork. Live tracks do nothing for me so the real meat of this for me is the remaster.

The one major problem with “Lykaia” was the mix and master. It’s a LOUD album, brickwalled. This is something far too common in today’s music world with “Death Magnetic” being the “poster child” for brickwalled gone REALLY wrong. When you listen to these albums, they sound loud when the volume is down and you can hear static and distortion even during what should be quiet moments. That was the case here too.

When I heard that Soen were already remastering “Lykaia,” I was so happy. The songs deserved it. And while I think it’s SLIGHTLY better, “Lykaia Revisited” is still too fucking loud. I think this needed a full remix beyond the remastering. Since the mix of this album was clearly maxed out, there’s only so much that a remaster could do. It’s better but this is really a missed opportunity.

The loudness isn’t obvious to me until the first quieter number “Lucidity” which is a great song. The distortion is more concealed but you still catch it. As the album goes on, you notice the bass is still way too loud and songs like “Stray” and “Paragon” have pretty much the same issues as on the first master. Even Joel Ekelöf’s vocals are too loud but they don’t cause the same distortion as on the original master.

Is “Lykaia Revisited” worth getting? Assuming that this is indeed the last release of this album, it might be. If you didn’t mind the brickwalling on the original, you probably don’t need this version. I suppose if you are a die hard Soen fan, you will want the live tracks but they are split between the CD release and the digital copy. That’s bullshit! I will say that this will replace the original version for me and I still love the music on the album. It’s just a shame that the problem wasn’t fixed completely


1. Sectarian
2. Orison
3. Lucidity
4. Opal
5. Jinn
6. Sister
7. Stray
8. Paragon
9. Vitriol
10. God’s Acre
11. Sectarian (Live in Lisbon)
12. Jinn (Live in Lisbon) *only available on digital formats
13. Lucidity (Live in Rome)

Release date: September 14th 2018

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  1. Valentin Datcu says:

    Thank you for this article. I thought my amp or DAC is broken


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