Burial in the Sky – “Creatio Et Hominus”

unnamed(3)In the league with Black Crown Initiate, early White Arms of Athena, and Fallujah, I’d label Pennsylvania’s Burial in the Sky Progressive Melodic Death Metal.

In my opinion, track one “Nexus” and the last minute of “Tesla” tells the listener sit back, buckle-up, hold on; we’re going on a journey. Creatio Et Hominus isn’t pedal to the metal the entire time.
There is plenty of compositional considerations within each track – this isn’t a simple riff-fest. I hear the influence of early Contortionist at the half-way point of “Nautilus’ Cage” along with some post-metal stylings.

I’ve had my fill of the deathcore growls however well executed they are. The inclusion of the saxophone is a nice respite from the blast-beats. The guitar solo in track 4 is great. I appreciate the inclusion of keys in track 4 and 5. “Psalms of the Deviant” flips between doom and black metal and settles on a prog-metal course in the Fallujah-vein with more fluid guitar acrobatics. Track 5 seems to be the realization of what Burial in the Sky are capable.

Until we reach the instrumental title track, with droning synths, solid melodic statements, and multiple guitar solos. This is a well-executed exclamation point to end the album.

With few specific melodic hooks, instrumental or otherwise, this journey is not as enjoyable as it could be, however, the journey does get better the further you go. I think I understand what Burial in the Sky is trying to accomplish and I believe they are on the right track.

Rating: 7/10

1. Nexus
2. Tesla
3. Nautilus’ Cage
4. The Pivotal Flame
5. Psalms Of The Deviant
6. 5 Years
7. Creatio Et Hominus

Release Date: 1 June, 2018
Facebook: facebook.com/burialinthesky
Bandcamp: burialintheskytheband.bandcamp.com/album/creatio-et-hominus

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