Metalurgia – “Dimensiones: Tiempo y Espacio”

Metalurgia are an instrumental prog metal band from the Dominican Republic. This album can be viewed as a double EP or a single album. It comes in two parts “Dimensiones: Tiempo” and Dimensiones: Espacio.” For those who can’t get the translation in English, that’s Dimensions: Time and Space.” First off, there is no doubt that Metalurgia can PLAY. One would assume being a prog metal band that that would be the case but while it can be a lot of notes, I wouldn’t call it a shredfest either.

Each part is between 33-35 minutes and that’s why I would call it more of a double EP than a double album. The benefit of separating the songs allows the band to focus on slightly different styles. “Tiempo” has a little more atmosphere while “Espacio” is like a punch in the face. The title track of “Tiempo” starts things off well and reminds me of Satriani when he is a bit more focused on melody than cutting loose on solos. I love the riff on “Agujero Negro” as well. “Mega Cluster” is another good driving track while “Stephen Hawking” has a cool jagged riff on it. Great stuff.

“Espacio” has it’s highlights as well. “Via Lactea” is a facemelter of a track. Great solos and top notch riffing. Want some more riffs? “Espejos” is more proof that Metalurgia can really play. I also like the stuttering riff of “Asteriodes” but the blast beats (while technically impressive) almost drown out what’s going on. I know that an indie band like Metalurgia can’t always afford top of the line production and mixing, so I think taking that into account, the music sounds pretty good overall. Anothing plus is the artwork which is beautiful.

If you like riff laden progressive metal, I think you’ll enjoy each part of “Dimensiones: Tiempo y Espacio.” While they aren’t VASTLY different from each other, there’s enough to make each have their own identity. I do think they work well as one piece of work as well. Stylewise, they fit nicely with bands like Toundra and Long Distance Calling. This is a solid effort by a talented band.

Rating: 8/10


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