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Amorphis – “Queen of Time”

Amorphis are one of my favorite bands. While that might make this seem like a bias review, the truth is I hold my favorite bands to a very high standard. With Amorphis, I keep waiting for them to release a … Continue reading

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Distorted Harmony’s 3rd album – Album cover and release date revealed

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack! Distorted Harmony return with their third album “A Way Out.” Below is the full press release and album artwork! ____________________________________________ The 3rd album by the Modern Prog Metal band Distorted Harmony is scheduled to be officially released on … Continue reading

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The Slyde – “Awakening”

It is true I suggested I would like to visit a full length by The Slyde after I reviewed their EP “Back Again” Here we are, 16 months later, & I’ve been presented with the full-length recording “Awakening” (release … Continue reading

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Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy to release 2CD & DVD

Legendary drummer Carl Palmer keeps the ELP flame alive with his ELP Legacy shows. Here’s a press release on his upcoming 2CD/DVD digipak! ————————————————————————— A new, 2-disc digipack release from Carl Palmer, perhaps the most highly rated drummer in the … Continue reading

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The Fierce and The Dead – “The Euphoric”

Does a song need words to set a mood or tell a story? Can instruments without human voices work magic on one’s imagination? Certainly! Think of film soundtracks as an example. The music, along with the visuals, helps to set … Continue reading

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Wandering Vagrant – “Get Lost”

It pays to listen to more than the first 10 seconds of an album. That seems obvious, I know but with “Get Lost” by Italian prog rockers Wandering Vagrant, it’s essential. The opening ten seconds of “Human Being as Me” … Continue reading

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