The Slyde – “Awakening”

057854It is true I suggested I would like to visit a full length by The Slyde after I reviewed their EP “Back Again”

Here we are, 16 months later, & I’ve been presented with the full-length recording “Awakening” (release date of May 18, 2018).  Canada’s The Slyde consists of Nathan DaSilva (vocals, guitars), Sarah Westbrook (keyboards, synthesizers, samples), Alberto Campuzano (bass guitar, vocals), and Brendan Soares (drums, vocals).  The tracks are tight, energetic, urgent, catchy, and fun.  The synth leads and the guitar/synth double leads are outstanding.  Serious attention has been paid to hooks and choruses to serve each song.  There is almost no fat to be trimmed, no senseless noodling, and no musical sections outstay their welcome yet there’s just enough technical prowess on display to make one take notice.  I get flashes of 80s AOR hard rock, 90s-era Rush, multiple Coheedisms, and enough neo-prog for a listener like me to stay engaged.  DaSilva’s lead vocals don’t reach as high as Geddy but do have a similar timbre.  Campuzano’s bass is properly mixed so you get the full effect of the slaps and the slides.  Soares’ drums are mixed in a way you can hear each drum and cymbal with total clarity.

“Awaken” is a short sound-collage introduction into “Walk With Me,” a proper rock song with a strong chorus which sets proper expectations for the upcoming 8 tracks.  “In Silence” is one of the best tracks of the CD thanks to the changing dynamics throughout the whole song and specifically in the mid-section; I’m reminded of how King’s X can keep your attention while slowing down the music and decreasing the volume.  One can identify how well the production was executed during this part, too.  All instruments are able to be heard yet remain nicely separated.  The Coheed-quotient is quite high for me on “These Wars” but that’s not a bad thing: there is nothing wrong with fast paced, unadulterated rock and I assume this would be a great live track and again the chorus is fun and anthemic as hell.  The guitar/synth double lead followed by synth solo works excellently.

The title track features shades of that AOR/80s hard rock I mentioned earlier but also includes some nice organ work combined with some chugging guitar riffs.  Did I mention the slick synth lead and catchy-as-hell chorus?  “So Blind,” the final new addition to the full-length, again blends the fast-paced Coheed-rawk and Rushy chorus plus the riff-fest at the end is surprisingly funky.

Tracks 7-10 were reviewed in the aforementioned review of the “Back Again” EP and fit properly on “Awakening.”

The Slyde have written a full-length rock record that is retro yet contemporary, edgy yet smooth.  There are plenty of dynamics while staying high-energy and never boring or overwrought.  Well-balanced and entertaining, these songs are progressive but not pretentious.  Have a listen then tell your friends!

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Awaken :37
2. Walk With Me 3:01
3. In Silence 4:39
4. These Wars 4:50
5. Awakening 3:51
6. So Blind 4:20
7. Fading 3:54
8. Join The Parade 4:39
9. Divide 4:48
10. Back Again 5:31



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