The Fierce and The Dead – “The Euphoric”

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Does a song need words to set a mood or tell a story?

Can instruments without human voices work magic on one’s imagination?

Certainly! Think of film soundtracks as an example. The music, along with the visuals, helps to set a mood, foreshadow an event nad elsewise move the story along.

Without visuals, the story can still be moved along. In this case the story is in your head. Or it’s the video game in your head….

The Euphoric is the third studio album by instrumental rock band The Fierce and The Dead. The songs contained in the album invoke both films and video games. There are touchstones to music of other eras – I hear the 80s! – but the music is uniquely and passionately the band’s own.

The tracks Truck and 1991 both remind me of music from video games, and the music video for the former (see clip below) certainly looks game inspired to me! Dancing Robots? Yes, they will dance as they take over the world! My favorite song on the album. And the listener can dance along! Dug Town and 48K are two of the tracks that I would refer to as cinematic, placed to panning shots of the cityscape in my mind.

I would think the band would make a great soundtrack for an actual film, Film producers and directors, please take note!

If you enjoy the work of instrumental bands such as The Dixie Dregs and Explosions In The Sky, please give The Fierce and The Dead’s The Euphoric a listen.

Rating: 9/10

1. Truck
2. 1991
3. The Euphoric
4. Dancing Robots
5. Dug Town
6. Cadet Opal
7. Verbose
8. 48k
9. Part 7
10. Part 8

Band Members:
Matt Stevens – guitar, synth, piano
Kev Feazey – bass, programming, synth, percussion
Steve Cleaton – guitar, piano.
Stuart Marshall – drums, percussion

Release date: May 18, 2018
Record label: Bad Elephant Music

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