TesseracT – “Sonder”

Sonder“Sonder” marks a first for TesseracT. They have kept a vocalist for two straight releases! Dan Tompkins has indeed stayed with the band and that’s great news for sure. Look, if you are expecting some sort of dramatic chance from TesseracT, that’s not happening. However, “Sonder” does add a few more colors to the band’s atmospheric sound while keeping the code sound fully intact.

By now, everyone has heard the song “Smile” which was released last year as a single. The version here is a little different, but sounds better to me. The first two songs were also released before hand. “Luminary” is an excellent “punch you in the face” opener and “King” is a nice balance of heavy as fuck and beautiful. “Orbital” is a bit short but it’s a nice breather from the power that TesseracT can (and does) unleash.

“Juno” is my favorite track so far. It has that funky vibe that TesseracT always use plus a great hook. “Beneath My Skin/Mirror Image” is the longest track, although I’ve seen it referenced as two separate tracks as well. They sound like they belong together as a two part 11 plus minute epic. “The Arrow” sounds like the outro for “Smile” and works well closing things out.

So yes, “Sonder” is another awesome TesseracT album. So what’s the problem? It’s only 36 minutes. Having grown up in the 70s when most albums were under 40 minutes, it really isn’t a HUGE deal to me but one more song would probably put this album over the top as their best work to date. But as it stands, I’ll take 36 minutes of quality music over 50 plus minutes with filler.

A nice addition to the deluxe edition is a second disc that has the album in binaural format. If there was a band that benefits from a 3D sound, it’s TesseracT. You feel like you are right in the middle of the band, sucked into their sound. An incredible idea that makes me wish they did that for their previous albums. As it stands, it’s just another reason that you need to own “Sonder.”

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Luminary
2. King
3. Orbital
4. Juno
5. Beneath My Skin/Mirror Image
6. Smile
7. The Arrow

Label: Kscope
Release Date: April 20, 2018
Website: www.tesseractband.co.uk

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