Rank ‘Em: Voivod studio albums

Voivod is one of my all-time favorite bands. A discussion with my good friends Russ and Rod led me to decide it was time to try to rank Voivod’s studio albums. I knew this would be hard since I love ALL of their albums. I also decided to include their latest EP “Lost Society” since it has some amazing music on it and should not be overlooked! Voivod is releasing a new album later this year so this list is only good until then. So let’s get started!

14. Rrröööaaarrr
13. War and Pain
The first two Voivod albums are very raw. Away has said that other than Piggy, none of them really knew what they were doing. Both are quiet different from what would follow but each have their place. They are relatively interchangeable but remain at the bottom.



12. Katorz
For whatever reason, I think “Katorz” has slightly weaker songs on it. It’s still good but I wouldn’t call it great. Given that Piggy was dying at the time, it’s a tough listen for me.


11. Target Earth
10. Post Society EP
The post Piggy era has Dan “Chewy” Mongrain on guitar and he does a great job channeling Piggy. I think “Target Earth” is a really good album but if “Post Society” were a full length album it would rank A LOT higher. It shows that Dan is gelling with the band and the addition of Rocky on bass seems to be working as well.


9. Negatron
8. Phobos
The two albums with Eric Forrest on bass and vocals are also interchangeable for me. I like “Phobos” a bit more but unlike many people, I think “Negatron” is an awesome album. Of the two, “Phobos” could slide up a notch or two but without Snake, it’s not QUITE the same.



7. Voivod
The self titled album marked the return of Snake and had Jason Newsted on bass for the first of three albums. The band sound rejuvenated and this album has some killer grooves. My only real fault is that it wasn’t as weird as I might have liked.



6. Infini
Of the three albums with Newsted, I actually like “Infini” the best. It was a bit odder sounding to me which was more like the Voivod I loved. Piggy was gone but he recorded a lot of material so the band could release more music. This is him returning from the dead in style.



5. Killing Technology
This album was the game changer for Voivod. It was as if they realized who they were going to be all of a sudden. Yes it’s still a bit raw like the first 2 albums but the songs are incredible and yes weird as fuck. This one can move up a slot sometimes two and maybe down one at times.



4. Angel Rat
This album catches WAY too much shit. The band used Rush producer Terry Brown and he had the band maybe more focused than before but it works. “Clouds in My House” is one of my favorite songs by the band and there are tons of great songs on this album. It could use a remaster/remix however to give it an update. This album can slid up one and maybe down one but I usually have it around this position.



3. Dimension Hatröss
A classic for sure. “Dimension Hatröss” completed the band’s transition to progressive metal. Yes they still thrash some but it was clear by this point who they were and how dangerous they could be. Many people would probably rank this as their favorite. I can’t rank it any higher because my top two are in stone.


2. Nothingface
1. The Outer Limits
These are easily my two favorite Voivod albums and ALWAYS in this order. “Nothingface” has their classic cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” while “The Outer Limits” has another Floyd cover with “The Nile Song” PLUS the band’s longest song, the 17 plus minute “Jack Luminous.” Both albums are two of my all time favorite albums by anyone and I would label each as ESSENTIAL. My hope is that both get a nice remaster the way that their older albums have gotten.

So that’s it. If you’ve never listened to Voivod, hopefully this gives you a place to start. If you are a fan of this great band, I would love to see your list!

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3 Responses to Rank ‘Em: Voivod studio albums

  1. Luke Henson says:

    Many thanks my dude. I’m listening to The Outer Limits now and it’s not at all what I expected.

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  2. JT Gray says:

    Greetings from Eastern Canada! I’ve been a fan of Voivod ever since I saw them live in Halifax 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been spending my paychecks on Voivod stuff. I haven’t listened to any of the Eforce or Newsted albums as of yet but I’ll make a list based on the ones I know:

    9. Rrroooaaarrr
    8. Post Society
    7. Target Earth
    6. War and Pain
    5. Angel Rat
    4. Outer Limits
    3. Killing Technology
    2. Dimension Hatross
    1. Nothingface

    Also, if you haven’t read Away’s art book yet, I highly recommend it. It costs 50 dollars but it’s worth every penny. Take care


  3. jki123 says:

    Great list, many thanks.


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