Knife the Glitter – “Knife the Glitter”

Knife the Glitter album cover_previewKnife the Glitter is an interesting band and album. The band formed in 2002 and it took them 8 years to finish their self titled debut album. It is also their last album! What the hell, right? The trio had some set backs over the years and even took a break from being a band. Each member wound up doing other projects. One of which being guitar Kevin Antreassian joining The Dillinger Escape Plan.

And that is a good jumping off point for what to expect from Knife the Glitter. One major difference is that this band is an instrumental band. Another big difference between them and DEP is that they are a bit less chaotic. Knife the Glitter are (were?) really TIGHT. Each member is a great musician but never overplay. Instead they feed off of each other. This is definitely a team effort here.

Over the years the band lost all traces of metalcore which is how they started life. This album is pure technical prog with dashes of jazz and a huge helping of melody. This is not djent, nor is it a shredfest. This is about angular riffs that tear your head off and melodic moments that let you up for air before you get attacked again. My favorites are the back to back duo of “Permanent Baby Snowpants” and “Kid Colossal,” but there are no weak tracks here.

Now, I did refer to the fact that this is a “one and done” situation. The band members had a mission to finally finish this album and then they returned to their jobs and other projects. I guess that’s the downside here. The album makes you want more from Knife the Glitter (I do hate the name). But for now we should all be thankful that 3 friends stuck it out together and released a top notch album!

Rating: 8.5/10


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