Jordsjø – “Jord”

814748Jordsjø is yet another great prog band from Norway. They remind me of a mix of Änglagård, Wobbler, Anima Morte and Goblin. It has all of the classic prog elements like vintage keyboards and flutes. Take the classic prog aesthetics of Wobbler and add in the love of horror soundtracks of Goblin and you have Jordsjø.

Jordsjø is merely a duo of multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung and drummer Kristian Frøland. All you need is two guys with a lot of talent and you have an album as awesome as “Jord.” To be fair, this album was initially released back in January of 2017 but Karisma Records knows great music when they hear it, so they signed Jordsjø and are reissuing “Jord.”

The album starts off a little shaky with the Shaman-esque intro track “Over Vidda.” It’s nice but really doesn’t sound needed. “Abstraksjoner fra et Dunkelt Kammer” immediately showcases the multi talented Oftung on guitar, flute and keys. The unison parts are quite good. The only downside to the track and really the album is Oftung’s vocals aren’t quite on par with the music. He’s serviceable but not outstanding.

Honestly, I wonder if “Jord” would sound better as an instrumental album. I say that not as an insult to the vocals but rather that the music has so much going on, it really doesn’t NEED vocals. Ok so enough of that. It has vocals and they are good. The songs on “Jord” are bursting with vintage atmosphere and melody. The interplay between flute, mellotron, guitar and even the bass on “Jord I” is one of the highlights on this album. Phenomenal.

If I had to pick favorites, the aforementioned “Jord I” and the other part of the title track “Jord II” would be my choices. This is classic progressive rock at its best…and its 2018! Jordsjø understand the genre and clearly LIVE it. The whole album is steeped in what I would call true progressive rock rather than the watered down neo prog that so often falls short. Jordsjø are a very talented duo and “Jord” is an album that should please even the hardest to please prog fan.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Over Vidda
2. Abstraksjoner fra et Dunkelt Kammer
3. Finske Skoger
4. Jord I
5. Jord II
6. La meg forsvinne
7. Postludium

Release Date: 9 March 2018
Label: Karisma Records

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