Mildlife – “Phase”

mildlife-phase hi res

Phase is the debut album from Melbourne-based band Mildlife. The lead single The Magnificent Moon is the first track on the album and it is a wonderful introduction to this band.

On first blush, this song reminded of another Aussie band, Cut Copy, with its rhythmic beat and lush keyboards. There is more going on here, however, as there are textures that invoke jazz and psychedelic sounds. Check the YouTube link below and hear it for yourself.

I also enjoyed the track Im Blau, which features a spacey synth, a nice guitar line and filtered vocals. A touch of Can is in the mix, but this is Mildlife’s song.

This collection of tunes fits together nicely as an album. Nothing is jarring, none of this music feels out of place. The set has a wonderful flow. And, as with all good listening experiences, something interesting can be discovered on each play.

The press release states that the members of the band are old friends. This group sounds like a tight unit and I’m sure the friendship between the musicians contributes to this.

This is a strong debut. It will be interesting to see how Mildlife progresses down the road

Rating: 8/10


  1. The Magnificent Moon
  2. Zwango Zop
  3. Im Blau
  4. Phase
  5. Two Horizons
  6. The Gloves Don’t Bite

Band members:
James Donald
Adam Halliwell
Kevin McDowell
Tom Shanahan

Label: Research Records

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