DID – “Dissociative Identity Disorder”

did“Dissociative Identity Disorder”, or DID as they are known, are a French neo-prog band that, while they aren’t breaking any new ground, do know what they are doing when it comes to symphonic neo-prog. The band are instrumentalists who use 4 separate guest vocalists as different characters in their concept album. The results are mixed.

The album starts with a short piece called “Hello” which doesn’t really add much since it’s brief. I suppose it would add to the story but it’s too short to really do much. Marco Glühmann of Sylvan is the first of the vocalists and his style is a good fit for the music and the style that DID play. While I love Michael Sadler of Saga who sings on “Run,” his voice and style aren’t a good fit for the music. Maybe I am just used to hearing him sing Saga songs but it’s a bad fit even though Sadler does his best with what he’s given.

The two remaining vocalists are Oliver Philipps(Everon) and Maggy Luyten (Ayreon, Nightmare) neither of whom I am familiar with. They are serviceable but I’d actually like to hear Glühmann singing the whole of the album (regardless of these characters) as he fits the songs well. That and Luyten doesn’t have a terribly appealing voice as heard on “Kindergarten Remember.” Philipps is a decent singer but doesn’t have a unique voice.

Much of the album is symphonic and dramatic as you’d expect, but there are way too many shorter interlude type songs that don’t do much. Filler is filler and there’s too much of it. It’s a shame because the band can definitely play, but like many concept albums, the band are too concerned with the concept rather than writing great songs. There are plenty of pitfalls to neoprog and DID often step in all of them.

However, if you like this style of prog (safe, predictable) then this is an album that you will enjoy. It’s the kind that says “please” and “thank you.” I prefer something different and not quite as polite as what “Dissociative Identity Disorder” has to offer.

Rating: 6/10

Website: www.didmusic.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DID-408463802556835/

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