Nine Skies – “Return Home”


If you are a music nerd such as I am, you tend to have a pretty open mind towards styles of music.

That means there is a lot of music out there in the world to discover and listen to. One might feel a bit overwhelmed at times by all this music and you can miss out on many beautiful albums.

Luckily for me, I have folks who help me discover wonderful music. Contributing to PMP has also been a gateway to discovery. ProgBoss sent along Return Home, the first album from French progressive rock band Nine Skies, for me to review. The collection of ten tracks are an interconnecting tale of the lives of people in our modern world.

The flowing Roses Never Hatch with its beautiful guitar line is a standout track for me. All the tracks have a grace to them that makes the album an easy listen, holding one’s attention. Clean production and excellent musicianship shine forth as well. Hints of tonalities that remind me of Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett and King Crimson can be heard.

If you are a fan of any of those artists, nay, of progressive rock in general, I believe you will enjoy Return Home, and might find a song or two that you can relate to within.

Return Home by Nine Skies is available now.

Rating: 8/10

The Band:
Alexandre Boussacre: Vocals
Freddy Scott: Vocals
David Darnaud: Guitars
Eric Bouillette: Guitars / Piano on “The Blind Widower Part I”
Alexandre Lamia: Guitars / Keyboards
Anne Claire Rallo: Keyboards
Bernard Hery: Bass
Fab Galia: Drums
Laurent Benhamou: Saxophones
Peny Mac Morris: Flute on “The Blind Widower Part I & II”

Label: Anesthetize

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