One album that I am really looking forward to is by my buddy Rian Adkinson. People have said that Steven Wilson is embracing his pop side, well Rian has that down and hasn’t lost his prog sensibilities like others. Here’s the press release announcing his upcoming album “Heathens”:

2017 has been a very busy year for Atlanta based self-proclaimed “hillbilly progger” Rian Adkinson. Adkinson released the singles ‘Judas’ in January, ‘Identical’ in July and toured in late May/early June with the HEATHENSONGS TOUR, with his live band. Rian Adkinson will release his long awaited follow up to 2014’s ‘Villain’ on March 23, 2018.


Rian talks about the concept behind the album:

“Growing up in the south, especially where my father was born in South Carolina, religion is everything, it’s the social scene, everyone goes to church, from the drunks and the prostitutes to the mayor and the politicians. They’re all mingled together, the good, the bad and the ugly but some are not going to have a spiritual experience, they are going to clear a conscience, right a few wrongs in the eyes of their maker. I have always been intrigued by these people and how they act outside of the walls of their local parish. The “I’m better than you, I’m closer to perfect because I’m closer to god” complex that exists in a large majority of religion in effect influenced me to write the album and specifically the track ‘Judas’. Ultimately, we are not perfect, we falter, we are human and sometimes we make horrible decisions and have to deal with the hurricane of consequences that come from them. This is fundamentally what ‘Heathens’ is all about.”

“Heathens” was written and performed by Rian Adkinson with Brandon Ham and Stacey
Mount Bowers. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Brandon Ham.

For more on Rian Adkinson, check out his online channels below:

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