The Pretty Things – “The Same Sun”


When the ProgBoss offered me this Pretty Things release for review I thought it might be a reissue.

Well, it is, kinda. I got to preview, digitally, what is going to be released as a 7 inch vinyl single.

Two of the songs on this single come from their 2015 album The Sweet Pretty Things Are In Bed Now, Of Course. The other two are live tracks from their psychedelic 60s period.

The current lineup of the band includes two guys who have been there since the beginning, Phil May (the singer) and Dick Taylor (the guitarist). And, according to their Facebook page, they are on tour right now.

The new tracks fit right in with the old ones. The spirit of the 60s never left. It just got a little older and wiser.

The vocals on the newer songs are strong with nice harmonies. The guitar chimes in that psychedelic style. The live tracks have a good energy to them, which shines through the production quality.

There are a few younger bands out there trying to capture that classic psychedelic sound. That’s nice. These guys are the real thing.

If you are a vinyl lover like me, this single would a nice addition to your collection. It’s a good introduction to a classic band.

I’m off to check out The Sweet Pretty Things Are In Bed Now, Of Course directly.

Rating: 8/10

1. The Same Sun
2. Renaissance Fair
3. She Says Good Morning
4. Alexander

Band Members:
Phil May – lead vocals, maracas, harmonica
Dick Taylor – lead guitar, occasional vocals
Frank Holland – guitar, vocals, harmonica
Jack Greenwood – drums
George Woosey – bass, vocals

Release date: 2 January 2018

Label Fruits de Mer


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