Non Newtonian Man – “Clouds”

cloudsI guess all the good band names are officially taken. Non Newtonian Man is certainly one of the worse ones that I’ve heard other than maybe Soul Enema. It’s interesting how a bad name can impact your desire to even check out a band. This is without a doubt one of those times. I kept putting off this one and the only reason I can think of is the name. Shallow.

But maybe I sensed a problem ahead? For all of Non Newtonian Man’s musical talents (and yes the band can play), they are completely for naught as the vocals are weak. When you have a band with the talent to play complex arrangements and also can write a good hook, it just baffles me when the vocals just aren’t up to the task. The vocals aren’t entirely off tune but range is very limited and the delivery is boring at best.

I’ve had many many submissions that I’ve rejected for this very reason and as I listen to “Clouds” I’m not sure that I shouldn’t have rejected it as well. But the musicianship is there. The solo on “Beyond the Door” is a good example of that. I also love the use of organs through out the album. The riffing is nice and crunchy at times, listen to “Pawn” for example, and I really like that as well.

Sadly, Non Newtonian Man need a dynamic singer that can match their musicianship. Without that, it’s just another forgettable album that I’ll quite honestly never listen to again. That’s a shame too but as you all know, I am always honest. So if you are someone that doesn’t mind weaker vocals, perhaps “Clouds” is for you.

Note: there are no full length tracks available to preview other than on Spotify (which I do not use). There are very short clips on YouTube.

Rating: 5/10

1. Overwhelming (8:11)
2. Beyond The Door (4:44)
3. Pawn (9:19)
4. In Search Of Courage (1:37)
5. Shelter (5:37)
6. Olandese Volante (14:52)
7. From Here (6:10)
8. Biomechanical (16:21)
9. Queen (3:58)


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