Slug Comparison – “IIb”

IIbSlug Comparison is the solo project from Doug Harrison of Fen (the Canadian prog band). “IIb” is the third release from this project with “IIa” also being an EP. This two track EP is a tribute to Doug’s late friend Eric Rose. Doug is a truly gifted singer and songwriter. With “IIb,” the spotlight is very much on his vocals. The arrangements are at times stark which given the subject matter, it makes sense.

“When You Were Living Here” relates to the time he lived with his good friend. It builds slowly musically and emotionally. “Beings Far Away” is another stripped down, beautiful track. The songs remind me of The Dear Hunter a bit which is a good thing. You feel like Doug and the band are in the same room as you. And in the band are Dave and Mike Young who have worked with Devin Townsend. Canadians stick together!

The EP makes me wish there was more than just 2 tracks. It’s like getting a 7″ single I suppose. Regardless of length, the quality is extremely high. I know I say this sometimes but if I had a record label, Slug Comparison would be on that label. Doug Harrison has done it once again. I look forward to more EPs or full lengths from Slug Comparison.

Rating: 8.5/10


1. When You Were Living Here
2. Beings Far Away


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