Staring Into Nothing – “Power”

Power Album CoverStaring Into Nothing is a trio from California who have a very modern prog sound. Musically, they remind me a bit of a mix of Steven Wilson and Roger Waters. The Waters comparison comes from the overall message in the album “Power” and lead vocalist Steven Rogers, who’s delivery is a LOT like Waters. He cuts off notes and does the half singing, half speaking vocal like Waters. It seems more like an impersonation than it probably is intended to me.

The music for the most part is mid-tempo progressive pop rock with mostly solid hooks which is fine but gets a little repetitive after a while. It’s hard to distinguish one track from the next until you get to “Heads or Tails” which is instead sung by Savannah Rogers, whose voice works for me better. She is also featured on the 18 minute epic “Towers” which is easily my favorite track on the album. The song has multiple movements and solid transitions. “Power” is worth listening to for this track alone.

The other track that stands out is the mini epic “Information Crime” but the transitions are not quite as strong. Also not each part of the song is as strong as the other sections. Lyrically, the album is about all the problems we face in modern society. You can pretty much tell the topic by the title of the song and that’s a problem for me. Things are very obvious. No “Big Brother” isn’t about the reality TV show but of course about the lack of privacy we have in today’s Internet driven world.

When Roger Waters points out problems, he does sound angry and you do understand why, even if he is not spoon feeding you the reasons. The lyrics on “Power” are more like Andy Tillison’s lyrics on The Tangent’s “The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery.” I already know all of this shit and I really don’t need a recap. I suppose I listen to music to escape the bullshit of life. Still, there’s a way to deliver the message without sounding like a steady stream of complaining.

The music is very strong and the performances are stellar. Ace session drummer Matt Chamberlain does a fine job through out. The production and mix are top of the line as well. Still, there’s a bit of vanilla that creeps into many of the tracks. It’s only when Staring Into Nothing open things up a bit that things get very interesting. Hopefully this direction is explored further on their upcoming albums. For now, “Power” is an album that will appeal to those who can’t get enough of the mundane lives we all are leading but love a good tune.

Rating: 7/10


1. Puritans
2. School Daze
3. Obey
4. The Program
5. Heads or Tails
6. Information Crime
7. Towers
8. Big Brother
9. Freedom
10. Gates of Hell


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