Single Celled Organism – “Splinter in the Eye”

a0244364989_16Single Celled Organism is a neo-prog project by Jens Lueck from Germany. Neo-prog can really be a generic, vanilla form of prog in my opinion. It takes a lot to break free from the very SAFE sound of this sub genre. IQ and Marillion are two bands that have succeeded. I am sure many people love anything that is neo-prog since it all sounds quite similar. Such is the case for Single Celled Organism. I had higher hopes.

“Splinter in the Eye” falls victim to some obvious things. The spoken part in the three minute intro song is something you need to hear once (I could have done without that). A host of shorter songs that are mellow and interchangeable designed to further the concept (yes it’s a concept album of course) rather than be interesting to listen to. Worst of all, the longer and more musically challenging songs all have quiet moments to allow their vocalists to sing. It becomes very predictable and by the time I was at the title track I actually said “oh come on!” out loud.

The male and female singers have decent voices but are also rather generic and I suppose cannot handle a melody over anything complex. Musically the band CAN PLAY but they abide by the neo-prog rule nowadays and never fully cut loose. Songs like “Growing Up,”New Horizons” and “The Virus” lack the teeth that I need from all prog bands. It seems most people forget that progressive rock can be (and should be) as aggressive as progressive metal. IQ has an edge and always did. That’s huge.

Instead, Single Celled Organism sound quite sterile. Nothing is surprising or unusual. However, there’s clearly an audience for this band. If you like the bands you read about on many other prog websites or hear on many prog radio shows out there, Single Celled Organism are a band you should check out. For me, I need a lot more tension and intrigue. This is too milquetoast.

Rating: 4/10


1. Prologue (The Mark Of Cain)
2. Growing Up
3. TV Show
4. Flying Home
5. New Horizons
6. Flies In My Head
7. I Can’t Feel
8. The Call
9. The Virus
10. Splinter In The Eye
11. I See You (The Regret)
12. Epilogue (Her Poem)


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