Sectile – “Sectile” EP

SectileThere are times when a review is easy to write. Usually it’s when I really love something or really hate something. For Dublin’s Sectile, it’s actually neither of those. Their self titled EP is okay for what it is. The problem I have is that the band aren’t quite committed to a direction. So what is it?

The band sound like a hard rock band trying to become a prog metal band. Unfortunately, two of the tracks are definitely not prog at all. In fact, both “A Fool’s Reward” and “Silver Moon” sound more like 80s metal (think Tesla) than prog metal. And I think the band are good at that, it’s just not a style I am into. “A Fool’s Reward” in particular has a bit of an annoying hook that’s up and down more than a child’s teeter totter. Things get more progressive at times on the other two tracks, “Invisible Threads” and “Comes With The Rain.”

The problem on “Invisible Threads” is for one the riff sounds more awkward than prog and their transitions need a lot of work. Things are VERY abrupt through out. “Comes With The Rain” sounds like a power ballad with some prog leanings. The end of the track is the stand out moment on the EP. But by then, it’s obviously too late. The band are good musicians and lead singer Gabriel Gaba has a good voice, though more raspy and bluesy which doesn’t quite fit the more prog moments. And I am not really digging the falsetto.

Sectile are a good metal band. I think it’s cool that they clearly want to be a prog metal band but I am not sold on it based on these 4 tracks. Perhaps with time that will change though. For now, it’s not my cup of tea. If you enjoy solid, well played metal with quality vocals, Sectile is probably your cup of tea.

Rating: 4/10

1. A Fool’s Reward
2. Invisible Threads
3. Silver Moon
4. Comes With The Rain


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