Antimatter – “Leaving Eden” 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Antimatter-LeavingEdenLUThis is a unique review for me. While I am not reviewing the 10 year old masterpiece that is “Leaving Eden” by Antimatter, I am “reviewing” the bonus commentary disc that comes with it. When I say review, I guess that’s not in the traditional sense since it’s not like it’s my place to question the commentary. Instead, let’s look at the commentary as it relates to the music as a whole.

This is tricky because I don’t want to give too much away either! OK no spoilers either! One very important aspect to the album itself is what happened going into the album. Mick Moss discusses the departure of Duncan Patterson prior to “Leaving Eden” and what that meant for the future of the band. He also discusses the connection to Anathema. Was he ever in Anathema? Was Danny Cavanagh ever in Antimatter? These were some of the very interesting stories told during the early part of the disc.

Of course, Mick also discusses each song in detail from every solo to every lyric. I really enjoy how Mick acknowledges each person’s input on each song. Yes this is a “one man band” but the musicians that take part in it are so important to the end result. That is certainly not lost on the man himself. In addition, Mick also talks about the reaction to the album and the songs. Who called Antimatter “the most depressing band ever”? That is another burning question that is answered!

“Leaving Eden” is a depressing album from a mood stand point but given where Mick was personally at the time, it makes sense. And the topics of these songs are universal because we all go thru these things. But it’s Mick’s insight on this bonus disc that just adds to the understanding of the songs. It’s a personal touch that makes me appreciate the songs all the more. Not only do you get this commentary but also two exclusive new remixes for the songs “Ghosts” and “The Immaculate Misconception.” A really sweet bonus!

If there ever was an album that benefits from having an artist reflect on his own music, it’s definitely “Leaving Eden.” This is a look back at not only this album, but a wonderful 10 years of Antimatter with Mick Moss at the helm. For me, this is Antimatter. And it all starts with this great album. If you don’t know the band, you need to change that. “Leaving Eden” is a fine place to start. If you are a fan, you need to BUY this special edition, because it defines the word “special.”


Label: Prophecy Productions
Puchase it from Antimatter here:

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