White Moth Black Butterfly – Atone

KSCOPE962 Outer Bag.indd

Atone tells a musical tale of a relationship, in three parts.

Part One pulls the listener in with the piano and string driven Incarnate. Two people have discovered each other, and with the male and female vocal back and forth in Rising Sun, the story is established.

The music is gentle, chill, with just a hint of tension.

An Ocean Away is lively, yet not jarring, brought along by the bass line.

Part Two opens with the track Penitence – is one of the lovers asking for forgiveness? Is one of the partners being indecisive? There is a stringed instrument featured here, perhaps a koto, that adds a bit of variety to the sonics of the album, but it does not sound out of place.

Part Three opens with Deep Earth, setting a haunting and baleful tone with sonic rumbles, a mournful female vocal and a male voice stating “Surrender to Earth”.

By the closing track, Evelyn, which features an operatic female vocal, the listener is left to decide for themselves the fate of these lovers.

This album comes across as lyrical and grand without being over the top.

There are hints of “prog”, but I feel the music has a more cinematic and symphonic feel to it.

While I think the album is one to play when I want to relax, the music is never “sleepy”. These tones drew me in from the beginning and kept my ears engaged even during my first listen. Repeated listens uncovered other layers in the story and sounds. Everything “fits”, there is no musical waste. At around 38 minutes, it is a concise listen and never boring.

Rating: 8/10


1. I: Incarnate
2. Rising Sun
3. Tempest
4. An Ocean Away
5. Symmetry
6. II: Penitence
7. The Sage
8. The Serpent
9. Atone
10. III: Deep Earth
11. Evelyn

Band Members
Daniel Tompkins – Vocals and Arrangements
Jordan Turner – Vocals
Keshav Dhar – Guitars and Programming
Randy Slaugh – Keyboard and Programming
Mac Christensen – Drums

Label: Kscope

Release date: 1 September 2017

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitemothblackbutterfly/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitemothblackbutterfly/

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