Himmellegeme – “Myth of Earth”

bf8e0c04-a045-4546-95cd-f3bfdb48f9d7Himmellegeme have a unique name and a captivating sound. Though the band is from Bergen, Norway, they actually remind me of a mix of two Icelandic bands: Sólstafir and Sigur Rós. I am a massive fan of those bands so Himmellegeme really fits my taste perfectly. On their debut album “Myth of Earth,” they balance the power and angst of Sólstafir with the ethereal beauty of Sigur Rós.

“Myth of Earth” is one of those albums that sounds like it cannot POSSIBLY be a band’s first album. The production is stellar, the musicianship is immaculate and the band’s sound is fully realized. It’s quite staggering really. The lyrics are split between being sung in English on tracks like “Breathe in the Air Like Fire” and the title track and in Norwegian on the rest. And once again it works!

Right off, the band showcase their two main strengths. “Natteravn” features their bombastic side (along the lines of Sólstafir) and then “Hjertedød” is more atmospheric but does have plenty of power. The title track dials things in a bit more so that 3 songs in, you have a great indication of just how great Himmellegeme are and how awesome “Myth of Earth” is. Plus no matter the language of the lyrics, you can feel what’s being sung. That’s a testament to vocalist Aleksander Vormestrand to be sure.

There are no weak tracks on here and really no weak moments. Even the use of a spoken sample during the epic closer “Fallvind” works well. It’s short and makes it’s point before the song kicks in. That track is worth it alone. Keyboardist Lauritz Isaksen gets a special nod for the choice keys used on this track, and really through out “Myth of Earth.” I LOVE dynamics and atmosphere and a talented keyboardist makes all difference.

If you like any of the aforementioned bands or Katatonia or old Anathema, you will find a lot to enjoy about “Myth of Earth.” Himmellegeme have a real winner with this stellar debut album. Heavy riffs, haunting melodies and pure melancholy make “Myth of Earth” an essential album and one of 2017’s pleasant surprises!

Rating: 9.5/10


1. Natteravn
2. Hjertedød
3. Myth of Earth
4. Breath in the air like fire
5. Kyss mine blodige hender
6. Fish
7. Fallvind


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